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Mark J Gordon


Mark has sided over 1500 houses.

Siding does a lot more than just make your house look good (although it can do a pretty good job of that, too). Your siding keeps rain, snow and ice from falling, seeping or blowing into the porous materials your house is made of. Once the water gets in, it can cause mold, rot and other problems. Not having adequate siding can lead to situations that are unhealthy or even dangerous for you and your family.


We are proud to offer modern, energy-efficient windows and doors.

The typical New Hampshire homeowner saves around $500 a year for every non-thermal window that's replaced with a modern thermal one.

Thermal windows are made with two layers of glass instead of one, with a "dead space" between them. This dead space is not filled with air, but with a gas that conducts even less heat than air does. While air pockets are a great insulator (most insulation is just a way of trapping air and keeping it from moving), windows don't have room to trap enough air to be effective.



A veteran-owned New Hampshire construction contractor

Improving your insulation is a great way to invest in your home. It can pay off financially in the form of lower heating bills and a longer life for your roof. And it will reduce your carbon footprint, too.

We can help you identify where your home is losing heat in the winter, and add insulation where it will do the most good.


There is nothing quite like taking a tired old house and making it beautiful and functional.

Remodeling older houses requires an understanding of old and new building techniques and the creative ability to blend the two.This is where Mark's three-generation building background is especially useful.

Many contractors will not work on historic homes because they lack the expertise to work with tin ceilings, horsehair plaster and intricate trim work. While we admire their honesty in avoiding jobs they are not qualified for, we are grateful to be able to say that we are qualified. We have been working on old houses for generations.

An important aspect of remodeling is making changes without sacrificing the structural soundness of the building. You can count on us to let you know about load-bearing walls and any other structural  issues that may affect your plans.

Whether you want your whole house redone, or just need to update one room, we can help you get the look and the functionality that fit your lifestyle.

Windows and Doors


The roof is one of the most important parts of any house.

The ideal New Hampshire roof has a strong structure, a pitch that fits the climate, plenty of insulation, and adequate ventilation. Many homeowners (and even inexperienced builders) do not realize that if a roof is lacking in any of these elements, serious problems can result.